Party Safe

Party Safe Registration
Everyone enjoys going to or hosting a party. For young people it is certainly a part of growing up and celebrating special occasions with your friends. While most parties are fun for everyone involved, intoxicated guests or gatecrashers can sometimes ruin the occasion.

This information provides some ideas to assist in holding successful, enjoyable and safe parties for everyone concerned including parents, hosts and guests.

Registering your party will provide the police with the details they need to know if they are called to your party to deal with an incident.

There is a Party Safe Registration Form attached to the Party Safe brochure (2006 version) which is available from any police station, so that party hosts can register their party (at least one week beforehand) with the local police.

Party Safe Registration Form

Once a Party Safe registration form is received you should be sent a Registered Party poster. This will only apply if the form is received at least one week beforehand.

This information should be used as a guide only. The Queensland Police Service does not guarantee that reliance on the information contained herein will prevent any loss, injury, damage or other adverse incident from occurring during, or in connection with a registered party.

More comprehensive information can be found at the Queensland Police Party Safe Web Site.

Queensland Police Party Safe